I recently read an article about “35 Things a Stylish Woman Should Have in Her 30’s,” and this article quoted an English Poet, Mary Wortley Montague:

“A woman, till five-and-thirty, is only looked upon as a raw girl, and can possibly make no noise in the world until about forty.”

I thought about the quote and I have to somewhat agree.  Only difference…I won’t wait until my 40’s to make NOISE.  Whether it is my blog that speaks volumes, my personality that exudes confidence, or my silence that can sometimes be sound; this lady here, will make NOISE!

Over time I’ve always known I have a voice for the people, but what people? How will it be received?  Will they respect my opinion? Will they receive the message I am attempting to convey and either apply it to their lives or toss it aside if it doesn’t fit?  And most importantly, is this what Baby Jesus wants me to do?  All of these questions; in them is the answer but, psychological fear is the driving force to why I haven’t acted upon it until now.  What I know for sure, I hope that one would come to know me as having ingenuity, loving, genuine, and respectful.

Back to the article, and me making NOISE.  I am a whopping 32. lol I am on track to where I want to be in leaving my mark.  My 30’s will be the decade of me becoming my own kind of classy.  Vintage mixed with edge, mixed with a “hint” of conservative – sike on the conservative.  While I have a ways to go and clearly not all the answers, I will always be on my grind, continuously raising my bar.

All of this to say, I challenge anyone to do the same.  Find your NOISE, make your mark, figure out who you are, surround yourself with positive energy, people and friends, and never settle for the status quo unless you are comfortable with it.  My girlfriend always says, “It takes a village.”  She is so right.  I found mine; find your village and CHALLENGE EACH OTHER TO MAKE YOUR INDIVIDUAL NOISE.








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