4 P’s In A Pod


You ever have that one friend you want to punch in the face because they “can’t get right?!?”  Always with some drama, never learns from their mistakes, never “drops” knowledge, wisdom, or laughter (not at someone’s expense) in others lives.  Question: why are you allowing them to be in your life?

Oh! I get it… initially it was to help them, guide the in the right direction; no one should struggle on their own, especially when you have the means to help.  However, when they take your kindness for weakness, you should probably time to let them go.  Hopefully, they will find their path in life.  In the meantime, make sure you keep building your circle; circle of success.

Start out with who you are?  Who are you?  Then make sure that each vacancy is filled.

Vacancies are subject but, not limited to:

  • Rachetness
  • Knowledge Drop’ers
  • Motherly Figures
  • Mr./Ms Spontaneity
  • Spiritual One
  • The Boughie One
  • And, always an Apprentice

While few try not to admit it, everyone needs that “Ratchet” friend; they bring that spice to your life and will do things you only dream of.  Your “Knowledge Drop’er” is the one you go to for information/perspectives you never thought of, the “Motherly Figure” is exactly what the name implies.  She keeps you in check when you are getting out of hand, makes sure you are okay whether it be feeding, comforting, protecting you or, telling you about yourself when you f’d up.  “Mr/Ms. Spontaneity” will remind everyone that you can work hard but, you also need to play harder.  The “Spiritual One” is your Zen, your spiritual base; they are the one’s who views life from a holistic perspective (you need clarity).  The Apprentice is the next in line; everyone needs someone who they can look  up to.  Whether it be you, someone else in the group or, a collective effort, your apprentice will feed off the knowledge you bestow and continue to pay it forward.  And then, the “Boughie One,” their attitude and fashion is something we can all take and mold to form us.  Remember, there are levels to anything in life.

And, that friend that can’t get right…Girl, BYE!!!

So, while you do not need to label your friends, it is always fun to figure out who you are in the group and assess who you friends are.  In one of my miniature circles, we gave ourselves names, Classy, Fast, Ole, World Wide; I am the Classy One.  The good thing about our circle, we have been friends for years, we have our good days and bad days, we feed positivity off of each other, accept each others flaws and individuality.  We are four peas in a pod, and I luv it.

Circles do not have to be big.  Your group of friends and family should distill nothing but positive energy in your life and if they don’t then maybe their season has come to an end.  I think sometimes, we as humans get so caught up in status of any relationship and don’t realize how drained we are from those who are slowly taking our energy away from us.  We sit and allow them to do so until one day we become so fed up that we say things we really didn’t mean to say and hurt them in the process.  Once we figure out who we are and what mark we want to leave in this world, we can begin to chip away at those who take and never deposit and reach our full potential.

Growing up, if you did not finish eating your vegetables (peas) you could not leave the table.  Those veggies were what made you healthy and strong is what your parents would say. LOL!!!  Well…



P.S. This post is dedicated to my crew “4 P’s in a Pod”



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