Life is nothing but a walking musical.  Each moment, has a song/story to tell.  As I type this post, I am singing in my head, Eric Sermon’s , Just Like Music, in my head.  If someone is speaking to me and they say a trigger word, a song will appear and I laugh quietly.  Think about, when you are walking, talking, or doing something random, you ever notice how a song appears in the forefront of your mind?  Where do you think songs came from? Life’s experiences.

As much as I hate to admit I know the song, when I think of my best friend and how she’s doing with her new baby gurl, that dumbass song pops in my head, That’s my best friend by Young Thug.  Or, when someone is messing with my coins, I go semi – old school…”I’mma throw shade if I can’t get paid, you can slide to your girl like the army grenade, and itchy yitchy yaya with the marmalade…” Lil Kim (pre cosmetic surgery)

There are times, when I look at my son and think about how proud my grandmother would be if she were here and I start singing, Incubus, I Wish You Were Here – interpret the song how you will point being, there is a song for everything.  It makes the craziest of moments fun and a little stress free.  It can turn your anger into a mellower state (if that’s a word/phrase – if not, I am coining the phrase).

If it weren’t for music, how would those expression their emotions, no different than poetry, books, and even blogging.  Music is more of a melodic form that reaches the masses.  I was at a wedding recently, and the song the couple danced to was an expression of love shown to the crowd witnessing their union.  To me, my best friend, my mother and anyone else who knows me, writing and music is my release, I like to think I am the new, Sound of Music; I have a wide range in taste of music.  And if you try it, you might find that you like to dibble in being a walking musical as well.



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