Soapbox  Episode 1-Where is the Luv ?


As I read the coverage of Orlando tragedy, the negative comments about President Obama, Muslims, the LGBT community, which shooting was worse than the other or how gun control has nothing to do with what happened…I look into space  in amazement to all the hypocrites.

I think, what if this was your child who was shot because of his/her sexual orientation by a man who knew what he was doing (taking religion out of the picture – I could give several phucks what his religion is when in the name of the Christian religion,  so many wrongs were done.) 

So many people and the comments made don’t know what they want to be mad at.  Pick one:

Y’all mad because Obama is not condemning Muslims. Why would he? All I am saying is…if he condemns Muslims he would also have to condemn the idiot who chose to shoot up the church in South Carolina in June 2015. You talk about the 2nd amendment and gun control not needing to be a factor, in that case, African Americans should not be considered equals according to dated constitutional rights (oh wait! In many cases we still aren’t) or will allow an idiot 3 months probation for raping an unconscious woman and call that justice . You condemn LGBT community because you think it’s a choice but, be okay with/hide the many innocent kids who had their innocence taken from them by Catholic priest, the infidelity in your marriages,  the lust for things and people or the myriad of sins in your life;  who you are you to thrown stones when you are living in a glass house. Being gay is not a choice. 

Let’s set aside the fact that this man is Muslim and the lives he chose to take were those of the LGBT community. The issue here, a man chose to end lives, he had the means to do so and that is what is unsettling. Human factor will always be a reason why someone makes choices. In this case, religion.   This could have very well been a Christian who did not like that the fact that heterosexual men and women were gyrating in a club but it wasn’t. While I do not like politics, there has to be something done about gun control. It very well may not be the answer but it could be a start – conversation. To condemn a whole religion because of the acts of one individual makes no sense. Especially when you don’t do the same for your religion and its acts. And finally, our President. Show him some respect, he literally has the world on his shoulders. He has to be the voice of many without degradation. That is one job I do not think I could do without pissing people off because I give zero phucks. 

This is the time that we should show empathy for the families who have lost their luved ones from senseless killing, pray that justice is served, and work to find sensible solutions as to how to prevent these actions again. 


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