Daily Prompt – Nightmare


You receive the call, you have one or two choices, show them all of your cards or play along until you gather all the information you need and TRAP them in their “web of lies.”

Wait, let’s try this again. You receive a call, your nightmare has become reality.

Strike #1:

“This is the IRS calling.” “Is this Danielle Mackin?”

“Yes this is she.”

Strike #2:

“We recently performed an audit of your tax returns and we are calling to let you know we’re filing suit against you due to fraudulent taxes.” The representative states. “Due to your incorrect filings from 2010 -2015, and your inability to pay the debts owed. You are facing criminal charges, the potential to go to jail, accounts frozen, liens against all properties, and note that because it is Friday and if you chose not to settle your account today, you could possibly be in jail all weekend. You currently owe $3802.50 worth of back taxes. You have one or two options,  continue with our current course of action and fight this through the courts or pay your balance in full today.”

Danielle replies aloofly, “I was unaware that I filed incorrectly as I have someone do my taxes for me every year.  I also set up a payment plan with the IRS to pay my debts already, can this be added to my current payment plan?”  When has anyone ever given a courtesy call stating there would be a warrant of your arrest if you don’t pay your bill? Okay, I will still play along.

“Ma’am, is your current address 7500 Gentle Shade…?”

“No. It is…Can I contact my lawyer before I make any decision?”

“Danielle, you only have an hour left before we continue with the filing of your court…” Wait are you filing a lawsuit or are you arresting me?

“Can I speak to a manager to set up a payment plan?”

Strike #3:

This conversation goes on for more than fifteen minutes.  Me explaining that I don’t have the entire amount, the manager is negotiating with me as to how much I can give as a deposit now and that it can’t be via bank accounts, credit cards and other forms that I KNOW FOR CERTAIN THE IRS takes as monetary payments.  Finally, he ask me if my i can borrow some money from a friend, I told him when he called back I would have the money.  He says, “You do understand this call is being recorded and if you do not comply to your ‘end of the bargain’ we will be forced to continue with the suit filed against you.”

“Yes sir, I understand.”

At this point, I am on the IRS’s website trying to find a way to report the SCAM and waiting for them to contact me again.  I am also realizing that I was just involved a SCAM that I thought would never happen to me.  They had a lot of my information and even though it wasn’t current, it was still a part of me.  Finally, there are many people who will actually concede to the SCAMMERS because of the conviction in their voice that you are doing something wrong (I am not going to lie, for a second they had me scared – thinking I did something wrong – my livelihood was flashing before my eyes.); luckily I knew the laws of the IRS but, there are some who are not awareand become caught up.


I leave you with this, IRS does NOT call you about your debt.  If you receive a call, IT IS A SCAM (IRS Website attached).  The end result of my “Foolishness Friday,” they called back…

“Can I speak with Danielle Mackin”

“This is she. I have contact the IRS, they stated my account was in good standings.  I told them that their local offices contacted me…” click

“Hello? Hello?”  They hung up.  I guess, I am okay now.


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